Among the top 0.88% on SO

Okay, so I started answering questions on StackOverflow since a little over a month ago, but was never active in doing so. This week I just carved out some time to see if I could contribute to the already awesome community of SO.

Well, turns out I could answer some of the questions. What I did was to keep a lookout on the newest questions asked in the categories of git and python and see if I could answer them.

But the thing with answering on SO is that you have to be really quick. When the question is relatively easy, there will be a lot of answers in quick succession each trying to make the concept as clear as possible, till one of them gets accepted. One strategy I follow is to get the crux of the answer/solution to the issue the OP is facing as quickly in the answer as possible, publish it and then progressively make edits to explain the answer. And of course brevity is greatly appreciated by the community, so it’s necessary to make sure your answer is descriptive but concise as well.

So I did manage to answer a few questions and get some upvotes ending up with a reputation of 442 along with being in the top 0.88% this week. Well, that surely did feel good.

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